mapmap GO! - A Walking Map for Everyone Wanting to Get to Know the City

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mapmap GO! – A Walking Map for Everyone Wanting to Get to Know the City


When traveling somewhere, most of us search for directions using Google Maps, which helps guide us to our destination so we don’t get lost while also recommending the fastest route. While convenient, this speedy mode of travel that focuses only on getting from point A to B may inadvertently cause us to miss out on getting to know a route more intimately by making us less inclined to notice things along the way and immerse ourselves in the journey.

Given this pain point, which is perfectly appropriate in an era where people are increasingly interested in exploring the cities they live in, the walking map ‘mapmap GO!’ was developed to shake up your perspective.

The Making of mapmap GO!

mapmap GO! emerged from a collaboration between ‘mor and farmer,’ a group of designers who utilized research data to develop a digital platform and new media aimed at improving cities, and ‘Refield Lab,’ a group of landscape architects interested in planning and designing spaces by integrating design work with data analysis. Previously, mor and farmer and their network partners developed a platform known as ‘mapmap’ as a database to collaborate with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in developing green public spaces. This database was analyzed to identify areas with potential, after which strategies were devised to develop them accordingly. After gathering useful data for making cities more livable, planners began exploring how to disseminate the information more broadly.

However, presenting a vast amount of raw, unrefined data would likely fail to engage the general public. The team, therefore, condensed this information into large paper maps packed with data to promote walking and exploring Bangkok Yai, a pilot area chosen to highlight walkable routes for urban explorers interested in learning more about the stories behind various places. Alongside network partners, the team organized walking tours for the area using mapmap GO! during the Bangkok Design Week festival.

Bangkok Yai – A Pilot Area Rich in Historical Attractions

When asked why Bangkok Yai was chosen as the pilot area, the team pointed out that Bangkok Yai is an old city district teeming with historical points of interest, including archaeological sites, old temples, and aged communities. Additionally, it boasts green spaces like Bangkok Yai Garden, a public park in the heart of the Thonburi side with garden tracks, and Uncle Sorn’s Garden, a community scholar’s agricultural garden that serves as a model for local food sourcing. All of these together make Bangkok Yai an ideal district for promoting ecotourism and exploring community lifestyles.

Another reason cited by the team is the presence of network partners who were involved in previous collaborations, such as the ‘CROSSs and Friends’ group and the local community, both of which can facilitate access to in-depth information and further exploration of the area through various processes. These include on-site discussions with motorcycle taxi drivers, experts on lesser-known routes, and visits to farmland and public green spaces.


Invitation to Explore Bangkok Yai on Foot

The main objective of mapmap GO! is to invite everyone to explore the city on foot and uncover hidden gems, incorporating information about the identity and value of each area from the perspectives of communities and markets to history, culture, and the environment.

As we begin to interact with the city on a personal level, we may perceive things we’ve never noticed in our busy lives, posing valuable questions for urban development.

The map also offers five routes for designing one’s own walking paths, including:

1st Route:

“Agricultural Ecosystems” – Explores the relationship between waterways and agricultural areas in the district.

2nd Route:

“Meandering Along the River” – A riverside path from Charansanitwong Road to Wat Arun.

3rd Route:

“Temples and Sanctuaries” – Explores significant temples and religious sites worth preserving. 

4th Route:

“Museum of Life” – Showcases art and museums in the district, while also exploring famous food markets.

5th Route:

“Greater Bangkok Yai” – Explores the entire Bangkok Yai district to understand the overall image of the area in one day.


These routes, fully explored by the team, offer environmental attractions, must-visit destinations, and useful information for pathfinders, such as obstacles, shaded paths, canal-side nature trails, hot areas to avoid during the day, and well-lit streets for safe night trips.

During the recent Bangkok Design Week event, mor and farmer and Refield Lab organized an activity to explore Bangkok Yai with mapmap GO!, highlighting agricultural gardens, ancient Ayutthaya-era temples, and community markets to introduce this district from another perspective. The team also seeks feedback from map users to further develop the project and create conversations along the way, while hoping to involve district officials in future walks to address local issues and work towards tangible solutions.

The makers of mapmap Go! believe having good data can help developers more accurately understand the potential and problems of cities, allowing them to better plan restoration efforts to make cities more livable and enjoyable for future exploration. Inviting outsiders to familiarize themselves with the area and absorb the local way of life can meanwhile expand networks for future collaborative projects. This type of map can also be adapted for other interesting districts that have yet to be trulydiscovered or widely communicated.

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