Sukhumvit 95 Design Collective

South Sukhumvit: Playscape 95

Playscape 95 is a project that envisions a central space fostering happiness, creativity, and open communication among the Sukhumvit 95 community. On the canal's edge stands a tree house built by INDA (Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Architecture), a beloved play area for local children. However, the surrounding environment remains untouched. The Playscape 95 initiative aims to rejuvenate this tree house and transform the entire area into a playful space for all. The design intends to create a neighborhood square, an inclusive space accommodating various activities—from social interactions to educational and cultural exchanges. Playscape 95 is designed to promote community vitality, happiness, and boundless creativity. This redesign isn't solely about refurbishing but crafting a versatile neighborhood common space—a dynamic square where locals engage in diverse activities, from interactive gatherings to educational and cultural exchanges. It's a space designed to cultivate a vibrant and cohesive neighborhood.