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Creative & Design festival aims at sharing visions and achievements that revitalize the potentials of Bangkok



Bangkok Design Week (BKKDW) proposes the prominence of Bangkok’s design and creative works. Through these works, the festival presents ambitious ideas and new possibilities of Bangkok, now and in the future. 

Celebrated in the creative districts, these creative works range from experimental pieces to the works with social and business impacts. With fun activities and memorable experiences, the festival is blended beautifully with the charm of Bangkok and attracts visitors from across the world to experience Bangkok’s latest happening. 


BKKDW has long been a fixture on the Bangkok event calendar: it contributes to the growth of the creative industries and propels Bangkok to stand out as a UNESCO Creative City Network, Bangkok City of Design. The event is organized by Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA, in collaboration with over 60 state agencies, public organizations, academia, and international institutions, as well as 2,000 designers and creative businesses, which draws an estimated number of 400,000 visitors at home and abroad.

With over 1,300,000 visitors and a total economic value of up to 969,000,000 baht generated in 4 times of the festival, BKKDW has been presenting new possibilities and significant potential of creators, entrepreneurs, public and private sectors, educational institutes, as well as various cooperation agencies, both domestic and international.


BKKDW is a growth engine for Thailand’s creative industries in a variety of ways, including showcasing creative businesses and designs, stimulating competitiveness, providing a local and international business networking opportunity, and generating economic momentum for downstream businesses such as marketing, printing, online media, galleries, cafes, restaurants, gifts & souvenirs, travel, hotels, and public transportation.


About CEA

Established on 14 August 2018, the organization formerly known as Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) is now Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization): CEA. Under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister, CEA has taken on a stronger role in fostering the creative economy for the sustainable economic development of Thailand.

One of CEA’s missions is to put forth the development of the creative district. By promoting the district and its conducive atmosphere to new businesses, CEA is aiming to connect the local community with each stakeholder.

With creativity as a key driver for leveling up businesses and quality of life, CEA is tasked with enhancing the prominence and competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs and the creative network to advance Thai creative industries.


Contact us

Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization)

The Grand Postal Building, 1160 Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

(66) 2 105 7400 (Tuesday – Sunday | 10.30 – 19.00)

Co With Creation

5-13 February 2022


The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is unlikely to be put to an end yet, and no one knows when the new infections will arise. This motivates us to seek out solutions and coping mechanisms to live with unfortunate and unexpected situations that people all over the world are aware of, and try to develop knowledge and know-how that are relevant to today’s situation while also preparing for what tomorrow brings.

Bangkok, like other cities, is experiencing an economic downturn as a result of the lockdown measure, which has had a significant impact on people’s lives. 

In addition to public health measures, the collecting and utilization of creativity in various aspects to allow us to continue our lives in a new normal has thus become the main purpose of Bangkok Design Week 2022 (BKKDW2022). To achieve that, the event is designed to serve as a space for creators and experts in various sectors to create and try ideas of coexistence with COVID-19 as a prelude to the possibility of the new way of life that enables us to move forward and prepare for the future.

​​Bangkok Design Weeks 2022, the festival’s fifth edition, will take place from February 5 – 13, 2022, under the theme “Co With Creation,” with a focus on three aspects: 1) encouraging creators’ creativity and experimentation to create new normal lifestyles, 2) supporting creative businesses and communities to generate income, and 3) revitalizing the vigor of Charoenkrung – Talad Noi, Samyan, Ari – pradipat, Thonglor – Ekkamai, Phra Nakhon, and other districts, as well as the people in the districts, through four online and offline activities:


Showcase & Exhibition

Showcases and exhibitions of concepts and prototypes developed by creators using their expertise and technologies to create new ways of living and produce revenue, including art installations as festival liveliness, in compliance with public health measures


Online Talk & Workshop

Talks and workshops in online format by Thai and international creative thinkers to share knowledge and inspire new ideas to the audiences


Event & Program

Activities ranging from musical performances, movie screenings, and performing art, as well as parties and open houses in an online format, which will all be part of the city’s celebration of creativity


Creative Market Platform & Promotion

Creative flea market in both online and offline modes that encourages sales opportunities and market trials that lead to local and international business opportunities


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