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Eyedropper Fill


Conne(x)t Depression project is a multiple activities project that aims to build a society that is more understanding towards each other. Starting from creating a connection between mental health patients and their close ones, to becoming more aware of their ‘state’ of mind. The spike in suicidal rate in the past year is a clear indication that mental health issue is a bigger problem in society than anyone would have thought of. The complexity and differences of mental health may be difficult for the masses to understand. The project, therefore, employed various forms of activities such as exhibition, documentary, art installation, and workshop, to express and portray the patients’ emotional state. It also opens up a space for visitors to share their own emotional experiences as well to raise an awareness that this state of mind is not limited to patients. --------- Eyedropper Fill is a multi-disciplinary designer that brings people from various disciplines to collaborate in solving problems and finding new solutions to communicate social issues.