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Baan Boon Brooms


Baan Boon’ is not just a commercial brand but it is a brand intended to creatively send a message to bring focus to Thai handicrafts. We bring the main material for broom making, sorghum, which is the heart of the brand. We present a ‘not to sweep broom’ that still represents our brand identity and still keeps the motto #WHYHIDE which brought the main materials forward without hiding. The bundles of sorghum shape that filled the factory courtyard during the drying process, inspire the piece. The hourglass-resembling shape of drying sorghum is making a relationship with ‘time’ at present. Everybody is affected by COVID-19 both big and small businesses, time is being both the problem and the solution. The longer this issue prolongs the more damages but time can also heal the problems. The uncontrollable time reminded us of sand inside the hourglass that slowly flows through time. The work is an installation inspired by observing the size, colour, and form of the bundles of drying sorghum shaping into an hourglass form that is perceptible from the side and the top and also experimented with the ombre dye to imitate the flow of the grains of sand in an hourglass. The installation ‘Hour(of)grass’ from bundles of sorghum represents the gradual transformation from one state to another over time which overlaps the current situation of COVID-19. Baan Boon hopes for the visitors to understand the work, be inspired, and have the willpower to carry on with life and overcome this problem together.
  • Boonnita Vivatananukul
  • Jiratchaya Pipoplapanan