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DEWA & DEWI stands for DEsign from Waste of Agriculture and Industry, its Thai title translated as, “Projects that transform agricultural and industrial waste into creative products for the global market” The project began in 2013 when the Office of Design and Innovation for Trade Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), which recognised an increasing trend in environmental challenges worldwide. With the mission of promoting creative entrepreneurs to play a more important role in adding value to local products and services and improving the Thai economy, many supporting projects were launched, one of which was DEWA. At the time, DEWA primarily focused on reducing and managing the large quantities of agricultural waste produced throughout the region. Its main objective is to use design and creativity to repurpose agricultural waste, and reduce environmental pollution. The results are outstanding design works that are practical, and improve the societal impact as a whole. The project collaborative effort between agricultural manufacturers and contemporary designers. Within the past eight years, DEWA has supported the development of over 170 projects. Now in its ninth year, DEWA has since embraced a larger diversity of raw materials than ever before, including industrial waste. In addition to being a major agricultural product producer, Thailand is one of the world’s most important manufacturing hubs and therefore, produces a large volume of industrial waste that can be a new source materials. DEWA DEWI 2021 concept, “A Perspective into a limitless future” has since reached out to more research partners such as the TISTR Expert Centre of Innovative Materials or INNOMAT. DEWA & DEWI promises to help drive the Thai circular economy towards a more sustainable future. Under the Bio Circular Green Economy (BCG) sustainable development framework, we hope to inspire entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and the public to see the beauty and the possibilities of what they thought of as waste. Because there is only Earth, the one we live in now.
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