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The Creative Districts are Revealed ! The Festival in the New “Co With Creation”

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Bangkok Design Week 2022 is getting closer. This year comes with a new festival setup both online where anyone can easily access and onsite that brings you to explore new and interesting designs. You can wander around the small allies scattered throughout the 5 districts in Bangkok. In the past, the festival has been to Charoenkrung – Talad Noi, Samyan, Ari – Pradipat, and Thonglor – Ekkamai but we’re back this year! with another district like Phra Nakhon and creative venues throughout Bangkok. You can say it’s the most diverse program we’ve ever had. You will get to see new possibilities in a variety of contexts and for sure feel the unique charms each district presents.


Get ready to meet the 5 districts that will be brightening up in Bangkok Design Week 2022 with the theme “Co With Creation” from 5-13 Feb 2022.


Co Between Online and Onsite

Bangkok Design Week 2022 is still full of interesting programs and a variety of creative works. In which, this year the onsite programs have to be reduced to maintain the health and safety regulations. But the fun and colourful works are not going anywhere because we have taken some of the programs online. So that everyone gets a chance to join Bangkok Design Week this year and see them from anywhere. 


The Main Co-operation is Centred at “Charoenkrung – Talad Noi”

“Charoenkrung – Talad Noi” district is still the main centre of the festival like other years and is the district with the most works. 


Be ready for many highlight programs scattered throughout the district. We invite you to come to explore and look for creativity hidden in the district together.


The main exhibition venues

– Elton House

– Broccoli Revolution Charoen Krung

– Heliconia Bangkok | เฮลิโคเนีย กรุงเทพฯ

– O.P. Garden | โอ.พี. การ์เด็น

Central: The Original Store

– Marine Police Lodging | บ้านพักตำรวจน้ำ

– Haroon Mosque Community | ชุมชนมัสยิดฮารูน

– Ten Fingers Factory and Design Co., LTD

– Darunbannalai Children’s Library | ดรุณบรรณาลัย ห้องสมุดเด็กปฐมวัย

– Soi Charoenkrung 34 | ซอยเจริญกรุง 34

– Grand Postal Building, Charoenkrung Road | อาคารไปรษณีย์กลาง ถนนเจริญกรุง

– TCDC Bangkok | TCDC กรุงเทพฯ

– Hēi Jīi | เฮจิ

– Charoen 43 Art & Eatery | เจริญ 43 อาร์ท แอนด์ อีทเทอร์รี่

– Warehouse 30 | โกดัง 30

– JOJO Cafe

– ATT 19 | แอท ไนน์ทีน

– Same Old Days

– River City Bangkok | ริเวอร์ ซิตี้ แบงค็อก

– Mad Sugar Home Cafe’

– Yip In Tsoi | ยิบอินซอย

– Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem, Mahapluetharam Road | คลองผดุงกรุงเกษม ถนนมหาพฤฒาราม

– Chai Phatthanasilp | ชัยพัฒนศิลป์

– Talad Noi Community | ชุมชนตลาดน้อย

– Patina Bangkok | พาทีน่า แบงค็อก

– Mother Roaster

– Soi Charoenkrung 22 | ซอยเจริญกรุง 22

– Baan Rim Naam, Talad Noi | บ้านริมน้ำ ตลาดน้อย

– The So Heng Tai Mansion | บ้านโซวเฮงไถ่

– Hong Sieng Kong | ฮงเซียงกง

– Puey Park | สวนป๋วย (ท่าน้ำภาณุรังษี)

– Recordoffee | เรคคอดอฟฟี่

– DINSOR | ดินสอ

– San Chao Rong Kueak | ศาลเจ้าโรงเกือก

  Co With Districts Brighten Bangkok Allover

Other than “Charoenkrung – Talad Noi”, some programs are scattered in 3 other districts with different characters. Like Samyan, Ari – Pradipat, and Thonglor – Ekkamai and other venues throughout Bangkok that have brightened up with the festival in the past years. Having worked in a variety of districts allows us to explore designs along with unique charms from each district. This also includes getting to know the people, local shops, well-known and distinctive shop owners in the districts as well.


Co With New District “Phra Nakhon” 

This year’s special is the introduction of the new district “Phra Nakhon”, which also has programs on display. Brightening up the oldest district in Bangkok with fun questions that challenge the possibilities in the ‘Co-operation’ of the old town district, full of histories and stories, with creative ideas in many aspects of the city.