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City Revival, Colourised District, Expand the Design Experience

In the past 9 days of Bangkok Design Week, we have seen the amazing and colourful creations from artists that came together to find ways to overcome current issues as well as interesting ‘co-operation’ between design, business, and people in the districts. Another impressive and memorable experience is the liveliness of Bangkok’s districts that have been revived. One of the festival’s missions this year is to support and stimulate the district economy and overcome the gloomy pandemic situation. So the ‘City Revival’ mission required fresh ideas from the designers as well as support from advanced technology and equipment to make it happen.Creative Ideas and Technology SolutionsMany creative works for City Revival in the festival this year were supported by equipments and photographic technology from Epson Thailand such as ‘Printery Awakening’ by Urban Ally in collaboration with Silpakorn University Central Library, projection mapping technology telling the history of the old Rama V period Bumrung Nukulkij Printing House by Kongdet Wanchring and Natthawut Meesupthong or ‘Revitalise The First Post Office’ by Urban Ally in collaboration with APLD The Lighting Company and Studio Visual Assembly that project colourful graphics and POP ART characters from ‘Hello 2022’ on the overlooked historical Praisaniyakan building to revitalise and greet the people again. Drive Creative Economy by Opening Up Space For Ideas and Experiments Aside from supporting creative equipment, Epson Thailand also supports the Bangkok Design Week overall image with the belief in opening up space for creativity and experiments, especially at a time where many things have changed into the New Normal life. The support also encourages profit channels for business and community through revitalising the city and people of Bangkok which is an important part of driving Thailand’s creative economy forward. Check out and share photos of the colourful city revival and expanded designs experience powered by Epson technology in the album. 

The Return of Old Building Revival Mission in Bang

Previously, top searches of ‘New World Department Store’ are about the abandoned department store with structural issues and a Fish Palace where fish were smuggled into the pool of water that flooded the building floor to solve mosquito issues and at one point became a popular destination for photos. After the news broke out, the area was closed off to transfer the fish and flush the water out due to the worrisome structural integrity of the building, ending its legacy in Bang Lamphu. In 2020, Nong –  Asst. Prof. Supitcha Tovivich of Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University has brought a team of students and alumni to work on the New World x Old Town project in collaboration with the community and revive this dormant abandoned department store to life again.  The Beginning of the Abandoned Building Revival“New World Department Store is an old abandoned department store located on the Bang Lamphu intersection which makes the atmosphere quite gloomy. One day, I came across the photos inside the building on my friend’s Facebook page, so I sent out a message asking about how to get inside. The building has been architecture students’ ultimate dream project. Turns out, my friend’s family is the landowner of the land the department store had rented. So, I went on a discussion with the faculty’s urban planning professor because the building’s location is ideal for area restoration. If the New World is revived, the surroundings will follow suit.”“The first year of the showcase, we started with the idea that this building has been closed off for so long and the landowner doesn’t know what to do with it but wants the building to continue being a part of the area, it does not necessarily have to be the luxury department store like in the past. So,  we thought that it’s the first time we open up the building in decades, we don’t want it to just be an exhibition where outsiders came to take photos and the people in the area are confused about what’s happening.” “The first year of New World x Old Town focused on communicating with people in the area. We brought them into the building that had been an important part of their lives and told us their memories that cannot be found on the internet because the internet didn’t exist at the height of the area’s prosperity. Previously we’ve only heard of the building’s collapsing floors, but surprisingly, the New World in the minds of people in Bang Lamphu was a cool and trendy place that helped drive the economy and part of their daily lives. For the people of Bang Lamphu, this building is not a bad guy, the people went there every day, doing many activities there, there are still remnants of shops within the building.” The Journey towards the Sequel of Historical Architecture Conservation (People Edition)“This year’s showcase is a continuation from the last one aims to show the restorative potential of this building in the future. We have done the structural inspection which makes sure it is sound for doing the exhibitions. Last time, we collaborated with the Kesorn Lamphu community and people of Bang Lamphu, focusing on the majority insider around 85%. This year, we want to involve outsiders to see the potential as well. Prof. Chatri Prakitnonthakan said something very interesting, he said this is another kind of building conservation. When you talk about building conservation, the building would usually have certain beautiful architectural elements and historical importance but this building is a skeleton, evidence of illegal structural building, it doesn’t align with what people see as valuable. One day the building would have become something that would revive the Bang Lamphu area again. So, we want people outside the area to see its potential. The people in the area don’t want to demolish the building but they want to revive the building which will drive the economy of the surrounding area.” “What we intend to do is to show a memorable Bang Lamphu through a light show installation and shine a light on the well-known distinctive character of the area. Others might not know exactly how distinct the character is, so through design works we’re presenting the stories of the area in the past, present and towards the future with objects, stories, and people.” Insider and outsider fulfilling each other “This year, the Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University is collaborating with the Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University to explore the sounds in the Bang Lamphu area. We felt that the sounds and music in the area are more easily accessible to the general masses than reading text on the boards. Last year’s light installations were made by novices like us, but this year the professionals HUI Team Design and Saturate Designs have lent their hands. We also have the Kesorn Lamphu Club who will be the guide and have been coordinating the project with people in the area from the beginning.” “The first time we exhibited was a bit nostalgia, this time we want to invite people in the area to be inspired and show what this building and Bang Lamphu can be in the future. In the future portion, we are highlighting a group of youngsters in the Kesorn Lamphu Club. This group of people is the one who is taking the Bang Lamphu forward, just like the Kesorn Lamphu tree pollinating and refusing to die.” “The collaboration allows us to utilise our strengths as outsiders and insiders to support each other. In some outsiders’ view, our lack of knowledge makes us excited or not understand how special this area is for an insider. For instance, this house is not special architecturally but it houses highly skilled Khon costume makers or some insightful stories like Tor Ngek Chuan Crispy Pancake Store that Tar (Director of the Kesorn Lamphu Club) told me, the store used to sell records and the family believed in selling round objects so when they stop selling records they turn to make this delicious crispy round pancake instead.” “We want people in the area to visit New World x Old Town and become inspired to bring life back into the area, not only just reviving the building but the whole area. The outsiders enjoy multiple layers of content, first exploring the abandoned building and where it used to be the ‘Fish Palace’ inspiring the new generation through a fun approach. Secondly, we want people to realise that there are also unused places like this in other areas. This exhibition is not only presenting excitement for the visitors but we want it to become a platform for younger generations to pick up the concept and develop further in their area. Lastly, for anyone interested, you should join a conversation with the members of Kesorn Lamphu Club about the origin of the School uniforms store, Crispy Pancakes, and Khao Chae. You can have fun in those multiple layers, just have to see what your interest lies.” New World x Old Town Part 2 is held at Bang Lamphu intersection, at the old New World Department store building from 5-13 February 2022 at 17.00-21.00. Don’t miss out on finding out how art and design can revive the old building back to life again.Urban AllyWebsite : urbanally.orgFacebook :

Biomaterials for Sustainability That is Both Cool and Eco-frien

Environmental issues are a big concern in every industry around the world. Many green designers are seeking alternative materials that are both eco-friendly and functional to reduce waste and pollution. Yale – Anya Muangkote is also a part of this green movement. While studying at Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, UK, Yale have focused her study on Biomaterial, became the starting point of the Regen Districts project, funded by the Connections Through Culture (CTC) program and collaborated with Materiom, an organisation who has created an online library platform of biomaterial recipes from designers and scientists around the world. Open door to the Biomaterial world “I found out about Materiom while I was studying in London. This is a platform that is well-known among many design students in Europe, textiles students especially are the group of people looking for materials that serve sustainability goals. As for me, I studied product designs, most of my classmates are focused on societal designs such as designs for disabilities. Fashion and textile students are greatly interested in biomaterials. A lot of fashion students have signed up for the biodegradable materials workshop I hosted because they want to know more whether these materials can be useful for their design.” Yale compares the process of making these biomaterials to cooking food, you know what ingredients to put into the menu but it still takes trials and errors to perfect the recipes. Having the Matriom platform is very useful for those who are interested in making the materials themselves. Consulting the platform, sharing the recipes and developing from it reduces the experiment time and expands the boundaries of biomaterials. “When I started to seriously work on (biomaterials). It dawned on me that we create a lot of waste in a day. Every day I crack an egg, I will wash the shell, dry it, and crush it in preparation for the biomaterials. The process is not complicated, all can be made with kitchen appliances and what you found around you. It’s something that everyone can DIY at home without much effort. I would recommend anyone to start using ingredients that we consume the most.”Collaborative Workshop with the New Artists At first, Yale intended to host workshops for the general public to participate and to share the knowledge from Materiom, having a basic 101 lessons from the fundamentals on biomaterials, the binding agents, and so on but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a big gathering is not ideal for the time being. So, Yale started to collaborate with Thai artists and set up online showcases. “People frequently ask what biomaterial can do? So, I thought I should invite artists from various fields to collaborate and showcase the samples of biomaterials’ potential, so interested people can gain a better idea.”  After collaborating, there is overall positive feedback from the artists that they are excited to get to know more about biomaterials. But there are still limitations to biomaterials like the muted colours and numerous making steps, “I want to share the information on all the properties of biomaterials, to show that there are still challenges. If it’s not dried properly, it can get mouldy. I’m not pushing everybody to use it because it might not fit every artist’s working style, an artist with a busy lifestyle might want a different outcome than a minimalist who wants the pieces to come out precisely as measured from the beginning. Through the process of testing and making, some pieces may come out crooked, some love this kind of unpredictable outcome and view it as the charm of biomaterials.Expansion of Sustainability through the Network Besides collaborating with artists and designers, Regen Districts also partnered with the restaurants and cafés in Wattana district where they provide the organic ingredients for biomaterials production. This is not only giving value to waste, it also gives people who are interested in biomaterials convenient access to ingredients as well as a network of environmentally conscious people. “The intention for the project is to have the network everywhere, with the initial start at Thonglor, Ekkamai, and Onnut with the café and restaurant partners that understand the idea and have available space for ingredient pick-up walk-in with little hassle. You may need to call in advance because some ingredients such as fruit peels will become mouldy if stored for too long.” You can check out the list of participating café and restaurant partners on the website : In the future, Yale plans to expand the network of partners as well as hosting collaborative workshops with them about biomaterials from their ingredients or have a small pop-up showcase when people know more about Regen Districts.  “Conceptually, this is a very big project but we’re starting small. We don’t see it as much of a business opportunity. We want Regen Districts to become a space for conversations and collaboration between those who are interested in the materials. I recently went to Thailand Coffee Fest and people were interested in the phone stand I made out of coffee bean skins, this is just a part of my personal work as a designer, but as Regen Districts, I am focused on communication. I want the biomaterial ideas to be widespread knowledge, because there is so much waste produced daily that causes the strain on our environment with pollution, waste, and overconsumption. So , we want this to inspire people to take this knowledge and idea to develop further. This, in turn, would support sustainable economic development in Thailand as well.”   Regen Districts joined Bangkok Design Week 2022 with both on-site exhibitions and online events, more details on the website Yale will also be a guest speaker at the online talk “Material Futures 2022” on 11 February 2022 at 14.00-16.00 via Facebook : Bangkok Design Week. Let’s find out new creative ways to help the environment !Regen DistrictsWebsite : regendistricts.comFacebook :

The Wall 2022 Urban Lighting: light show that light up the city’s beauty

Besides the ‘space’, ‘light’ is another element that generates memories of the place and creates emotions that connect the people through the atmosphere. Light design installations are ideal for the city, inviting people to come and spend their lives out of home. It invites people to bond more with the city when one is rarely able to go out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year at Bangkok Design Week, Lighting Designer Thailand (LDT), a group of light designers who are interested in space design and architecture, have repeated the ‘The Wall’ project, their lighting design project that creates a good mood and breathes liveliness to the city. Hopefully, the project possibly awakens the drive to the sustainable development of the old community area through designs of various forms.In Light of Memories  In 2018, Lighting Designer Thailand (LDT) explored the Talad Noi area and designed light installations at 10 check-in spots, adding light and life to the night, telling interesting stories of the community. LDT has continuously participated in Bangkok Design Week from 2019, presenting a new perspective on lighting on architecture with the light installation at ‘Scala Cinema’, Bangkok’s last stand-alone cinema with beautiful architecture that has unfortunately closed down. Pin – Thaneeya Yoogthatat, a light designer of FOS Lighting Design Co., Ltd and the LDT team talked about the cinema being the cultural icon, being at Siam Square for a long time, it is a place with many dimensions beyond just the architectural aspects. In 2019, the installation gained a good impression from both generations, the young who are interested in the unique building and the old who reminisce about its golden past. Light installations created consequently provided space for people to collect memories and share experiences. Additionally, it will be great if these colourful light shows can turn people’s attention to historical building conservation by developing the surrounding area and generating economic value, without demolishing the building.Reviving Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem In 2022, The Wall project by LDT focuses on Urban Lighting. During the stressful pandemic period, as designers who work with urban spaces, Pin and the team agreed to design work installations that encourage outside activities, “We want to create installations that encourage people to enjoy the city and see the beauty of the old area and also make the area safe for commuting with the light on. The blend of beauty & safety triggers the solutions on city development as well.” This year LDT has chosen Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem for their light installation project. The busy commute area consists of various kinds of commuting such as water transport, walkways, roads, as well as old bridges and buildings such as Phitthaya Sathian Bridge and Chai Phatthanasilp Building. “This is a busy area where people often commute and pass by quickly. If they can stop and look for a moment they will find the hidden beauty and enjoy the atmosphere that feels like overseas. Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem is a canal that served as the outer rim of the old town city wall, full of historical piers, bridges and merchants areas each are packed with interesting stories.” With these intriguing elements, Pin wants this urban lighting installation to shine a light on Bangkok’s hidden gems and inspire new ideas for activities. It also makes the area safer to commute then generates more income for the stalls with the extended operating hours and gives another option to enjoy Bangkok away from the blazing heat.Happy stories through The Wall 2022“The installations are scattered at 8 main spots around Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem by the collaboration of our existing lighting designers and the newcomers, working under the core idea of presenting happiness and memories of the area through Urban Lighting. We want people to experience the city stroll from different perspectives and discover the hidden gems by lighting up the same old area with special playful lighting designs. This concept is also applicable to other provinces and areas in Bangkok as well.” Finally, if you are interested to see how the lighting plays with the space and how interesting it can be and explore the old area with new eyes. Come see The Wall project at Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem, Mahapluetharam road on 5-13 February 2022.  Lighting Designers ThailandFacebook:

Sends out a message through art that ‘you are not in this alone'

Since the announcement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, people worldwide highly anticipated to see what’s in the bag from Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is known for exporting unique culture and putting effort at their best in everything they do. Unfortunately, the spread of the Covid-19 has caused the game to be postponed to 2021 with strict protective measures allowing minimal crowd and without cheering, unlike prior games. While the pandemic seems yet to subside, still everyone is in the same situation and need to fight the challenges presented. The artists from countries around Asia have formed a group under the name ‘ubies CONSORTIUM’: the network of artists. They initiated the project ‘WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME’ launched online from May 2021 till the end of the Olympic Games.Cheering by passing the torch of artTurk Jakrapun Suwanaboon, one of the designer-founders of PRACTICAL School of Design, the school training on design knowledge and a co-organiser who curated Thai artists’ works said that ‘WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME’ is the project curating artist’s works from 5 countries around Asia: China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Kanoknuch Sillapawisawakul, one of PS±D co-founders acting as the organiser for Thailand counterpart with the logo designed by PRACTICAL Design Studio aims to send out cheers for the athletes and associates under the theme: all humans, all races are friends in this game together on the world arena, by uniting and looking out for each other, we can overcome societal and cultural boundaries. Opening up to new possibilities will connect us as one to overcome these new challenges with ideas.“This project is open for artists and the general public, no limit on the techniques used, it can be painting, photography, graphics, collages, anything is possible. The name ‘WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME’ refers to World Olympic Games and the ‘SAME GAME’ represents the Covid situation everyone in the world is experiencing. We are not only sending cheers in support of the Olympic Games’ athletes but also everyone in this Covid Game.” From an Online Exhibition to a Poster ExhibitionTurk further explained about the exhibition ‘PS±D COTM : WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME’ at Bangkok Design Week 2022 that it is the collection of over 200 pieces from Thai and international artists transformed into posters as an extension of the online exhibition on the site :“Previously, the partner countries have expanded the project further in their respective countries by putting pieces on T-shirts, holding seminars, and exhibitions. So for Thailand, we are showcasing the project at Bangkok Design Week by producing the (online) pieces into posters. We also plan to hold a small guided tour with the project’s artists and perhaps co-operate with other artists participating in Bangkok Design Week.”Further, inspire through conversationsTurk and the team’s ultimate plan is to let the pieces of work inspire visitors and open up conversations. Inviting artists to have talk sessions about their feelings and experience will allow the general public to truly understand the project’s objective. “Many people may have already seen the pieces in ‘WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME’ through online channels like the website, Facebook page, and Instagram but this (physical) Poster Exhibition presented over 200 works in one space will bring out a new fun experience. PRACTICAL School of Design have organised the staff on-site to provide more details about each piece as well.” “Initially, the project’s main message is about the Tokyo Olympics, so the majority of the works from Thai and international artists are localised to fit the Japanese aspects like colours and identity incorporated into the artist’s style. Currently, many people are looking for support in these (tough) times, so we hope that it will also cheer up everyone who comes to see the exhibition as well.”Turk also talked about the coming overall work in an offline showcase at Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), Grand Postal Building as well as the Poster Exhibition. PRACTICAL School of Design also plans to host creative and design activities in collaboration with their partners during the festival. This will surely be fun and game, stay tuned for updates at Bangkok Design Week on 5-13 Feb 2022.WE ARE IN THE SAME GAMEWebsite: Instagram: @weareinthesamegamePRACTICAL school of designWebsite: practicalschoolofdesign.comFacebook:

The Creative Districts are Revealed ! The Festival in the New “Co With Creation”

Bangkok Design Week 2022 is getting closer. This year comes with a new festival setup both online where anyone can easily access and onsite that brings you to explore new and interesting designs. You can wander around the small allies scattered throughout the 5 districts in Bangkok. In the past, the festival has been to Charoenkrung – Talad Noi, Samyan, Ari – Pradipat, and Thonglor – Ekkamai but we’re back this year! with another district like Phra Nakhon and creative venues throughout Bangkok. You can say it’s the most diverse program we’ve ever had. You will get to see new possibilities in a variety of contexts and for sure feel the unique charms each district presents.   Get ready to meet the 5 districts that will be brightening up in Bangkok Design Week 2022 with the theme “Co With Creation” from 5-13 Feb 2022.   Co Between Online and Onsite Bangkok Design Week 2022 is still full of interesting programs and a variety of creative works. In which, this year the onsite programs have to be reduced to maintain the health and safety regulations. But the fun and colourful works are not going anywhere because we have taken some of the programs online. So that everyone gets a chance to join Bangkok Design Week this year and see them from anywhere.    The Main Co-operation is Centred at “Charoenkrung – Talad Noi” “Charoenkrung – Talad Noi” district is still the main centre of the festival like other years and is the district with the most works.    Be ready for many highlight programs scattered throughout the district. We invite you to come to explore and look for creativity hidden in the district together.   The main exhibition venues – Elton House – Broccoli Revolution Charoen Krung – Heliconia Bangkok | เฮลิโคเนีย กรุงเทพฯ – O.P. Garden | โอ.พี. การ์เด็น – Central: The Original Store – Marine Police Lodging | บ้านพักตำรวจน้ำ – Haroon Mosque Community | ชุมชนมัสยิดฮารูน – Ten Fingers Factory and Design Co., LTD – Darunbannalai Children’s Library | ดรุณบรรณาลัย ห้องสมุดเด็กปฐมวัย – Soi Charoenkrung 34 | ซอยเจริญกรุง 34 – Grand Postal Building, Charoenkrung Road | อาคารไปรษณีย์กลาง ถนนเจริญกรุง – TCDC Bangkok | TCDC กรุงเทพฯ – Hēi Jīi | เฮจิ – Charoen 43 Art & Eatery | เจริญ 43 อาร์ท แอนด์ อีทเทอร์รี่ – Warehouse 30 | โกดัง 30 – JOJO Cafe – ATT 19 | แอท ไนน์ทีน – Same Old Days – River City Bangkok | ริเวอร์ ซิตี้ แบงค็อก – Mad Sugar Home Cafe’ – Yip In Tsoi | ยิบอินซอย – Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem, Mahapluetharam Road | คลองผดุงกรุงเกษม ถนนมหาพฤฒาราม – Chai Phatthanasilp | ชัยพัฒนศิลป์ – Talad Noi Community | ชุมชนตลาดน้อย – Patina Bangkok | พาทีน่า แบงค็อก – Mother Roaster – Soi Charoenkrung 22 | ซอยเจริญกรุง 22 – Baan Rim Naam, Talad Noi | บ้านริมน้ำ ตลาดน้อย – The So Heng Tai Mansion | บ้านโซวเฮงไถ่ – Hong Sieng Kong | ฮงเซียงกง – Puey Park | สวนป๋วย (ท่าน้ำภาณุรังษี) – Recordoffee | เรคคอดอฟฟี่ – DINSOR | ดินสอ – San Chao Rong Kueak | ศาลเจ้าโรงเกือก   Co With Districts Brighten Bangkok Allover Other than “Charoenkrung – Talad Noi”, some programs are scattered in 3 other districts with different characters. Like Samyan, Ari – Pradipat, and Thonglor – Ekkamai and other venues throughout Bangkok that have brightened up with the festival in the past years. Having worked in a variety of districts allows us to explore designs along with unique charms from each district. This also includes getting to know the people, local shops, well-known and distinctive shop owners in the districts as well.   Co With New District “Phra Nakhon”  This year’s special is the introduction of the new district “Phra Nakhon”, which also has programs on display. Brightening up the oldest district in Bangkok with fun questions that challenge the possibilities in the ‘Co-operation’ of the old town district, full of histories and stories, with creative ideas in many aspects of the city.    #BKKDW2022 #BangkokDesignWeek #CoWithCreation    


ประกาศรายชื่อผู้ที่ผ่านการคัดเลือกบรรยายในงาน Design Research Day ทะเล กังขาว อรจิรา ยั่งยืน ภาวิดา วชิรปัญญาพร ศุภชัย อารีรุ่งเรือง ศุภาศัย วงศ์กุลพิศาล เขมิกา ธีรพงษ์ พิชชาภา จรีภรณ์พงษ์ ศุภชัย คำตัน โกเมศ กาญจนพายัพ ศุภกร ทาหนองค้า สำหรับผู้ที่ผ่านการคัดเลือกทั้ง 10 ท่าน เจ้าหน้าที่จะติดต่อกลับเพื่อเเจ้งรายละเอียดให้ทราบต่อไป

Awaken the Positive Energy Through Bangkok Design Week 2022 Visual Theme Designs

Key Visual is an important part of creating an impression and communicating the idea behind Bangkok Design Week each year. This year people have been through a lot and the city has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Another important mission, in addition, is the Key Visual needs to ‘awaken the positive energy from the past year of hopeless atmosphere and replenish it back to life.   Ped-Pakpoom Lamoonpan, a Thai graphic designer who had lived and worked 12 years at a graphic design company in Japan before he decided to fly back to Thailand. He then establishes his own graphic design studio Routine Studio, which worked on a variety of projects like a book cover for ‘Architec-ture’ (อาคิเต็ก-เจอ), Untitled Case and many more from Salmon Books Publishing, ‘Snap’ movie poster, and Visual Identity designs for many festivals like Taiwan Documentary Film Festival in Bangkok 2018 that many probably recognise his graphics by the lively colourful and fun graphic beats in addition to cute and cuddly characters. That is the reason why the festival has chosen him to design the Key Visual to replenish people this year.   Although he has been in the field for a long time, getting to work with Bangkok Design Week 2022 still stirred up excitement. Because communicating the “Co With Creation” idea through visuals for designers, creators and the masses to understand the message is pretty challenging.   Awakening the Lively Energy For the past 2 years, Covid-19 has been with people around the world causing creators to lose their creative steams. The BKKDW team and Ped both know that the first thing we have to do is create hope and boost the atmosphere suitable for creativity back again.   “When I first received the brief and found out the theme was ‘Co With Creation’. And the festival’s goal this year is to become a platform that creates an atmosphere for creativity. I went and researched what I could do. When thinking about the name, I want the participants to think of the ideas of ‘connection’ and ‘helping each other in creating things to tackle the issue of economy and quality of life, from both the creators, the communities, or even the entrepreneurs. So I want to create work that people can see and see the diversity in the main visual.   “Many components in the work like the letters C O W I T H that were made into images, having a diverse style then we do something with the space to blend it. The minute components that show connecting the dots in different places. It’s like positive charge energy that supporting the Bangkok Design Week as a platform this year   “So when we started talking about the tone and direction, I thought it should be something refreshing with more positive energy than other years. Making the atmosphere more cheerful for the audience. I thought creating this atmosphere would be good for creativity after the long gloomy Covid period. So it’s where the overall design in the poster comes from, I want the audience to feel the freshness, bring in the fun and openness if there’s talk on adding or work on other serious issues.”   The Colours and Age Challenge Sketches of graphic element components and colour combinations prior to the final Visual Identity version used in Bangkok Design Week 2022   ‘Yellow’ is the colour that people recognise from Bangkok Design Week every year. The next challenge is creating freshness and liveliness but keeping the recognisable image of the festival.   “In the part of colours and colour selections, I received the brief to keep the yellow for the on-site works because it is efficient in telling directions. So I started with yellow as the main colour with the frame that used to form a letter D from Design, creating the main logo for the theme and slowly tuning the colours to find the complementary pair. The colours cannot clash and be easy on the eye, I think the black-grey colour pair compliments yellow well and other colours can be added easily. The main point in colourwork is that people should be able to understand that they are part of the same work at a glance. This is a detail-oriented and time-consuming task but when it’s put into use, especially landscape works, the colours pairs that are selected will help make the works standout”   Ped told us that “one of the important challenges is the issue of making a fun and fresh work without making it look too childish because this visual is going to be used as components in the exhibitions for several designers. Like the objects in the work even though they look independent from each other and have their own character and look alive but I did not make it obvious by putting eyes or framing the face. I tried to design it in geometrics forms so it looks more about the design week.”   Every Detail is a Tale The key of graphic design is communication through visuals for people to understand. Both what is on the page and the subtle hidden message. Every detail in the work has its own content and communicates on its own.   “Details are added to make the work have more texture, more than just a form of letters. Like letter C, I made it to have dots that look connected to play on the concept of ‘connection’ and ‘helping each other out. If that detail is taken out, the work would be a bit bland. But the audience does not necessarily have to do the job of deciphering the code. I’m just trying to add something to the still image, creating movement in the imagination for the audience. And creating work that can be taken to create motion graphics on other media like digital as well. Like the dot on the I, the idea was having it come out of the box or the H that has grids looking like a design draft plan and most importantly the secondary components that float around helps create movement and emotion in the work.”     Co With Hope Atmosphere inside Routine Studio. The space where Ped works with his partner Yoon-Payoon Worachananan   The most important part for working designers is that the work is successful as hoped. But success is different from person to person and from one work to another. In Ped’s view the success of this work is the ‘positive energy’ he wants to pass along to friends in the fields and anyone who sees it. Because in the end, the important thing people cannot live without is hope for a better future awaiting us.   “Normally, when I work, I will have set a goal in emotional aspects as well. I want people to see our work to feel certain emotions, what emotions do I want readers to remember the books by. For this work I want people who participate and visitors to feel positive energy, giving strength to look forward to the future. After the struggles, everyone faced with Covid-19 which is a factor that is out of our control. With this work I want to invite people to start seeing the future, seeing ways to continue growing and have hope from the design work.”        Other works by Ped include book and print covers, CD covers, and visual identity   #BKKDW2022 #BangkokDesignWeek #CoWithCreation