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The Wall 2022 Urban Lighting: light show that light up the city’s beauty

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 10 months ago

Besides the ‘space’, ‘light’ is another element that generates memories of the place and creates emotions that connect the people through the atmosphere. Light design installations are ideal for the city, inviting people to come and spend their lives out of home. It invites people to bond more with the city when one is rarely able to go out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year at Bangkok Design Week, Lighting Designer Thailand (LDT), a group of light designers who are interested in space design and architecture, have repeated the ‘The Wall’ project, their lighting design project that creates a good mood and breathes liveliness to the city. Hopefully, the project possibly awakens the drive to the sustainable development of the old community area through designs of various forms.

In Light of Memories 


In 2018, Lighting Designer Thailand (LDT) explored the Talad Noi area and designed light installations at 10 check-in spots, adding light and life to the night, telling interesting stories of the community. LDT has continuously participated in Bangkok Design Week from 2019, presenting a new perspective on lighting on architecture with the light installation at ‘Scala Cinema’, Bangkok’s last stand-alone cinema with beautiful architecture that has unfortunately closed down.


Pin – Thaneeya Yoogthatat, a light designer of FOS Lighting Design Co., Ltd and the LDT team talked about the cinema being the cultural icon, being at Siam Square for a long time, it is a place with many dimensions beyond just the architectural aspects. In 2019, the installation gained a good impression from both generations, the young who are interested in the unique building and the old who reminisce about its golden past.


Light installations created consequently provided space for people to collect memories and share experiences. Additionally, it will be great if these colourful light shows can turn people’s attention to historical building conservation by developing the surrounding area and generating economic value, without demolishing the building.

Reviving Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem


In 2022, The Wall project by LDT focuses on Urban Lighting. During the stressful pandemic period, as designers who work with urban spaces, Pin and the team agreed to design work installations that encourage outside activities, “We want to create installations that encourage people to enjoy the city and see the beauty of the old area and also make the area safe for commuting with the light on. The blend of beauty & safety triggers the solutions on city development as well.”


This year LDT has chosen Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem for their light installation project. The busy commute area consists of various kinds of commuting such as water transport, walkways, roads, as well as old bridges and buildings such as Phitthaya Sathian Bridge and Chai Phatthanasilp Building. “This is a busy area where people often commute and pass by quickly. If they can stop and look for a moment they will find the hidden beauty and enjoy the atmosphere that feels like overseas. Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem is a canal that served as the outer rim of the old town city wall, full of historical piers, bridges and merchants areas each are packed with interesting stories.”


With these intriguing elements, Pin wants this urban lighting installation to shine a light on Bangkok’s hidden gems and inspire new ideas for activities. It also makes the area safer to commute then generates more income for the stalls with the extended operating hours and gives another option to enjoy Bangkok away from the blazing heat.

Happy stories through The Wall 2022

“The installations are scattered at 8 main spots around Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem by the collaboration of our existing lighting designers and the newcomers, working under the core idea of presenting happiness and memories of the area through Urban Lighting. We want people to experience the city stroll from different perspectives and discover the hidden gems by lighting up the same old area with special playful lighting designs. This concept is also applicable to other provinces and areas in Bangkok as well.” Finally, if you are interested to see how the lighting plays with the space and how interesting it can be and explore the old area with new eyes. Come see The Wall project at Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem, Mahapluetharam road on 5-13 February 2022.


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