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Sends out a message through art that ‘you are not in this alone'

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 2 years ago

Since the announcement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, people worldwide highly anticipated to see what’s in the bag from Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is known for exporting unique culture and putting effort at their best in everything they do. Unfortunately, the spread of the Covid-19 has caused the game to be postponed to 2021 with strict protective measures allowing minimal crowd and without cheering, unlike prior games. While the pandemic seems yet to subside, still everyone is in the same situation and need to fight the challenges presented. The artists from countries around Asia have formed a group under the name ‘ubies CONSORTIUM’: the network of artists. They initiated the project ‘WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME’ launched online from May 2021 till the end of the Olympic Games.

Cheering by passing the torch of art

Turk Jakrapun Suwanaboon, one of the designer-founders of PRACTICAL School of Design, the school training on design knowledge and a co-organiser who curated Thai artists’ works said that ‘WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME’ is the project curating artist’s works from 5 countries around Asia: China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Kanoknuch Sillapawisawakul, one of PS±D co-founders acting as the organiser for Thailand counterpart with the logo designed by PRACTICAL Design Studio aims to send out cheers for the athletes and associates under the theme: all humans, all races are friends in this game together on the world arena, by uniting and looking out for each other, we can overcome societal and cultural boundaries. Opening up to new possibilities will connect us as one to overcome these new challenges with ideas.

“This project is open for artists and the general public, no limit on the techniques used, it can be painting, photography, graphics, collages, anything is possible. The name ‘WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME’ refers to World Olympic Games and the ‘SAME GAME’ represents the Covid situation everyone in the world is experiencing. We are not only sending cheers in support of the Olympic Games’ athletes but also everyone in this Covid Game.”

From an Online Exhibition to a Poster Exhibition

Turk further explained about the exhibition ‘PS±D COTM : WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME’ at Bangkok Design Week 2022 that it is the collection of over 200 pieces from Thai and international artists transformed into posters as an extension of the online exhibition on the site :

“Previously, the partner countries have expanded the project further in their respective countries by putting pieces on T-shirts, holding seminars, and exhibitions. So for Thailand, we are showcasing the project at Bangkok Design Week by producing the (online) pieces into posters. We also plan to hold a small guided tour with the project’s artists and perhaps co-operate with other artists participating in Bangkok Design Week.”

Further, inspire through conversations

Turk and the team’s ultimate plan is to let the pieces of work inspire visitors and open up conversations. Inviting artists to have talk sessions about their feelings and experience will allow the general public to truly understand the project’s objective. 

“Many people may have already seen the pieces in ‘WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME’ through online channels like the website, Facebook page, and Instagram but this (physical) Poster Exhibition presented over 200 works in one space will bring out a new fun experience. PRACTICAL School of Design have organised the staff on-site to provide more details about each piece as well.” 

“Initially, the project’s main message is about the Tokyo Olympics, so the majority of the works from Thai and international artists are localised to fit the Japanese aspects like colours and identity incorporated into the artist’s style. Currently, many people are looking for support in these (tough) times, so we hope that it will also cheer up everyone who comes to see the exhibition as well.”

Turk also talked about the coming overall work in an offline showcase at Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), Grand Postal Building as well as the Poster Exhibition. PRACTICAL School of Design also plans to host creative and design activities in collaboration with their partners during the festival. This will surely be fun and game, stay tuned for updates at Bangkok Design Week on 5-13 Feb 2022.




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