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Expand the endless creativity in ‘Waste Is More’ style

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Expand the endless creativity in ‘Waste Is More’ style

Create values and try out every possibility of the so-called ‘waste’

MORE Transforms Waste Into Substitute Materials Through Creativity

Transforming industrial and agricultural waste into substitute materials helps with both environmental and economic issues to some degree. It helps reduce production costs and consumption waste and also stimulates a circular economy. The key to positive change is the promotion of research sectors and the development of creativity, technology, and innovation.

MORE is a group of thinkers who began to study and develop solutions for waste and garbage management. Kickoff is 2022,  they started by studying waste from a coffee roasting factory and turning them into furniture and home decoration items. After they have been studying the potential of those materials and getting ready for the project, it is time to launch their brand. For the first time in this Bangkok Design Week 2023, ‘MORE’ and their huge exhibition invites people to think about the sustainable future and realize the actual infinite, yet barely acknowledged, worth of the waste.

MORE’s “WASTE IS MORE” Exhibition demonstrates the ideas of creating a sustainable environment and society with three core principles, namely – sustainability, innovation, and creativity. MORE invited over eight groups of artists to work in this year’s Bangkok Design Week 2023 based on their expertise and diverse interests. The challenge is to study and design substitute materials from the eight types of domestic everyday waste like bottle caps, eggshells, milk cartons, agriculture waste such as sugarcane leaves, or waste from big industries such as coffee chaff, excesses from the weaving process, and PVC edging tapes for furniture.

Each group of designers receives different kinds of materials to work with:

  • o-d-a; a locally and internationally renowned studio specializing in woodwork (working with “sawdust”)
  • NUTRE JEWELLER; accessory designer with more than 15 years of experience (working with “bottle caps”)
  • kitt.ta.khon; a furniture brand specializing in rattan handicraft (working with “coffee chaff”)
  • Mitr. ;  designers whose passion is in finding possibilities (working with “milk cartons”) 
  • TAKORN TEXTILE STUDIO; professors and creators of textiles (working with “excesses from weaving”)
  • Designed; a design studio full of furniture and graphic designers (working with “PVC edging tapes”)
  • Spirulina Society; an eco-friendly home decoration brand specializing in 3D printing (working with “eggshells”)
  • Designers from the brand MORE and material researchers (working with “sugarcane leaves”)

Apart from creating new and eye-opening pieces, the MORE exhibition also holds workshops and activities for exchanging business opportunities where teams of researchers, designers, and specialists all gather and challenge people to initiate endless possibilities with the waste.

The eco-friendly city is not a one-man job but a continuous work towards long-term change. The collaboration between creators in various fields brings about developer communities, which are the main driving forces of urban‘NICE’zation and urban life quality improvement. Not only that the city is eco-friendly, but we can also find creative ideas for urban development that aims towards communities, cultures and overall businesses.

MORE and Bangkok Design Week 2023 is the beginning of sharing, exchanging, passing on ideas and building collaboration among initiators of the new generation so that they can see potential changes and participate in the process of change. If you are interested in expanding your views on urban possibilities, see you at Bangkok Design Week 2023.

Bangkok Design Week 2023



4 – 12 FEB 2023