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The Making of A49

The Making of A4949 & FRIENDS Creator Community United For District Development “Phrom Phong” is a new district that features more urban liveliness in this year’s Bangkok Design Week. In this economic district located at the heart of the city, a creator community by the “A49” or ‘Satapanik 49’ co., Ltd (literal translation; Architecture 49) disguised themselves in the soi Sukhumvit 26. Having celebrated their 40 years anniversary in 2023, the A49 is inspired to share their stories and experiences, along with other studio friends, by holding a “49 & FRIENDS” activity in this year’s design week. Improving Life Quality By Design And TechnologyThe A49 executive director of A49 company and regional manager of A49 Khonkaen, Dr. Narongwit Areemit (Golf), revealed the overall idea of their project with Bangkok Design Week 2023 that what A49 has been doing amid the changing social context is to use technology to improve life quality in various aspects. This year’s design week theme of Urban‘NICE’zation resonates with what A49 has been doing, it is a great opportunity and timing to collaborate.“I think our company and Bangkok Design Week’s visions align. Our collaboration would definitely attract people to urban development more. If we do this alone, the impact probably would not have been big. But, in the design week, there could be diverse views and ideas which can broaden our perspectives on things. Apart from 49 Group Office, there are more talented designers from many more studios around an area called Warehouse 26 in Soi Sukhumvit 26. We brainstormed on how to make Phrom Phong a better district than it already is.”Warehouse 26 consists of offices, studios, showrooms, and restaurants renovated out of old warehouses. But since it is a workplace for designers, tourists or other people outside of the design circle barely get to experience the lifestyles of people around Warehouse 26. Bangkok Design Week is like a welcoming invitation to get to know our creator community through various activities such as exhibitions, seminars, open houses, and a tour. This could be a starting point to ignite the creator community to a more sustainable creative district in the future. Improving Street Lighting For A More Livable SoiAnother experimental project on how creativity and design can contribute to a more livable district is called 49 & FRIENDS: LUMINOUS 26. Soi Sukhumvit 26 is well-known for its pleasant vibe with the tree-lined street. However, during the night time, the street becomes dark and quite desolated because the lighting system was not designed to fit with the huge trees so the shade covered the street with barely any light. “If you have ever been to Soi Sukhumvit 26, you will see the differences compared to the other neighboring soi. This soi is lined with trees, so people called it a tree tunnel. The tree’s tunnel is the unique identity the community wishes to preserve. However, as the branches grow, so do the shades, making the area too dark for the nighttime. By saying it is ‘too dark’ we use an empirical method to measure the lights into quantifiable numbers as we believe in facts.” “The point is how can we make the lights brighter. Most people say we can just simply install the lighting. But, as an architecture company with a technology team, we are aware of other cautions as well. For example, if the lights are too bright, it might irritate drivers’ night vision and possibly cause accidents or if we keep the lights on all night long, it could be a waste of energy. So, we came up with a goal to install a system where the lights will light up only when people walk past and make the lights follow people’s steps. This way the lights would not irritate people’s vision. The technology used here should also be an energy-saving choice too.” “With that idea in mind, 49 & FRIENDS: LUMINOUS 26 is developed into a Tracking & Object Recognition which is a lighting system that ensures the safety of passersby and cars during the night. The lighting system will be installed under the shade of the trees. When they sense people passing by, cute characters will appear and accompany them, functionally and aesthetically.”   “Designing a footpath is not just about safety but also about the clean atmosphere and the scenery. What we are doing may not be a direct solution for the government but it could be set as an attempt to solve community issues by using the design. This could be developed further. We have to collect which information is already settled and which one could be improved. Then synthesize that information and use it to solve the problem holistically.”–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

Visiting Bangkok Design Week 2023 Guide

Visiting Bangkok Design Week 2023 Guide: urban‘NICE’zation edition.For the better joy of visiting Bangkok Design Week 2023 under the theme urban‘NICE’zation, this will be your guide. We have gathered all you need to know and answered all your curious questions here. Where’s the festival being held this year?This year, Bangkok Design Week is going big. With cooperation from 9 creative districts: Charoenkrung – Talat Noi, Yaowarat, Samyan – Siam, Ari – Pradipat, Phra Nakhon / Pak Khlong Talat / Nang Loeng, Wongwian Yai – Talat Phlu / Khlong San, Bang Pho, Phrom Phong, Kaset, and also other districts who join in the urban‘NICE’zation movement through creative ideas. Check out what’s happening in each district and how to get there through the links below.Bangkok Design Week Charoenkrung – Talat Noi NICE-to-walk Map NICE-to-walk Map – Siam NICE-to-walk Map – Pradipat NICE-to-walk Map Nakhon NICE-to-walk Map Khlong Talat NICE-to-walk Map Loeng NICE-to-walk Map Yai – Talat Phlu NICE-to-walk Map San NICE-to-walk Map Pho NICE-to-walk Map Phong NICE-to-walk Map NICE-to-walk Map districts NICE-to-walk Map a nice walk and enjoy the 500+ programs with a little help.For the nice visitors to the festival. You can use the “My Plan” function to assist in planning your visit. ❤︎ Just check out all the programs information at  ❤︎ Put a heart on your interested program. Then your favorite program and route information will be stored on the website, and you can come back to it anytime by clicking the heart icon on the top right corner of the website. Don’t forget to reserve the programs beforehand !!Walk-ins are available, but there are some programs that require advance reservation. Check out more information at and FB: Bangkok Design WeekWhere there’s a district, there’s a festival 😉Keep up with what’s happening in each district through these channels.Keep up with Charoenkrung – Talat Keep up with Yaowarat  and Keep up with Ari – Pradipat Keep up with Phra Nakhon Keep up with Pak Khlong Talat Keep up with Nang Loeng and Keep up with Wongwian Yai – Talat Phlu Keep up with Khlong San Keep up with Bang Pho Keep up with Phrom Phong Keep up with Kaset 5 Tips for an urban‘NICE’ visit. 1. Take Public TransportSome showcase locations are hard to access with cars, but it’s worth it. We suggest taking public transport as a better alternative, and you can help reduce pollution as well.2. Reduce Plastics wasteThe easy-peasy way everyone can do this is BYO water bottle and a cool tote bag for when you do your shopping. This will reduce a whole lot of plastic waste. 3. Taste the LocalsDon’t miss the chance to try out signature dishes from the districts. Some communities also have lovely handmade things that are nice on your heart and wallet.4. Be a lovely GuestSome festival venues are located near private areas in the community, please be aware of the noise, don’t litter or obstruct the streets, and be respectful of the private area of the host.5. Open the mind to CulturesBangkok is home to diverse cultures. It’s a good chance to learn and share the know with others. But if you happen to visit showcases near places of worship, please dress appropriately with respect to the place.–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

“AP Thailand” inviting you to draw “Your Chosen World Of Happiness”

“AP Thailand” inviting you to draw “Your Chosen World Of Happiness”,Launches “THE CANVAS WORLD” ExhibitionAP (Thailand) Public Co.Ltd., Thailand’s leading real estate company aiming to live up to its brand promise of “The Good Life You’ve Chosen”, in collaboration with specialized experience designer Eyedropper Fill, launches “The Canvas World” a digital interactive art through a canvas sphere staged at Bangkok Design Week 2023 entrance. This creative and accessible installation allows everyone to directly participate, reflect on ideas, and share alternative possibilities on how to be happy with the choices they made. People’s suggestions will be presented through data visualization made possible by the combination of media and technology. This data visualization helps demonstrate all the possibilities on how people can create urban‘NICE’zation together so they can be utilized as future guidelines for urban development. AP (Thailand) believes that by choosing the life we live, we will live a decent life and be ‘NICE’ to the city and the world. This installation resonates with the core philosophy of AP (Thailand) to have all-around residential services and products and to continuously improve so that everyone can create a life of their own and enjoy their own unique experiences.‘NICE’ city is InclusivityOftentimes the challenges of urban‘NICE’zation and an inclusive city are conceived by many different urban development concepts. But the significant key is working with a variety of creativity and attitude of each individual. Holding to one’s different opinions shouldn’t be the issue, an open communication that allows everyone to optimize their potential and creativity is the real driving force of change. The collaboration of ideas and development concepts is a way to go towards building a livable and inclusive city.Those who want to build their livable ideal city and share their initiatives on urban development are more than welcome to visit and join Bangkok Design Week 2023–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

New Tales of the Old, Told endlessly with SC Asset

New Tales of the Old, Told endlessly with SC AssetRevitalize the district of fond memoriesThe importance of many districts contributing to Bangkok’s economy has dwindled due to changes over time, and their unique charms and community cultures are slowly disappearing. SC Asset, as a property development corporation that recognizes the importance of fostering a good living ecosystem, supports the revitalization of the old district of Wongwian Yai – Talat Phlu. Bringing the district back to life by preserving its original value while maintaining balance with the changes to the city over time by highlighting the district’s charms and fond memories. These highlights brought about 42 activities and programs that integrated histories and creativity from people in many sectors including the local community networks who wished to see the district grow creatively.Wongwian Yai, Dreamers’ JumpstartThe district is full of leather craftsmen, fabric stores, and plenty of DIY goods. It’s often where small entrepreneurs would drop by for inspiration and jumpstart their dreams. These days, the new generations are returning and carrying on their family business with a twist of their creativity. There are also newcomers moving in looking for new business opportunities. So, SC Asset has provided the space at Reference Condo by SC Asset to be one of the main festival venues in Wongwian Yai district under the theme “ถลกหนังวงเวียนใหญ่ (Blow-up Wongwian Yai)” showcasing the unique identity and values hidden in the district. The programs consist of various activities like an exhibition, ‘Blow-up: The Maker, Live Like Charoenrat’ displaying the district’s goodies woven into inspirational stories, making the district’s NFT workshop, projection mapping, handmade crafts workshops, creative markets, and outdoor film projection with live dubbing and experimental music performance. There are also talk stages with interesting topics such as a challenge in the leather business, the development of the Charoenrat area into a creative district, and finding inspiration in product design to stand out in the market. These programs intend to demonstrate the potential and power of creative designs as tools for creating value and enhancing the economy.Talat Phlu Goodies All in OneNow it’s Talat Phlu’s turn to show their goodies. The highlight that should not be missed is the human interaction exhibition ‘Magical Realism: Rebirth’, resurrecting Talat Phlu at the market underneath the bridge. The exhibition invites visitors to explore new possibilities and transform Talat Phlu into another popular street food spot. Another exhibition is at Nguan Thai Mill, the old structure long-standing with Talat Phlu, which has opened up its space for the venue as well as provided the space for people of various generations to meet and exchange ideas. The experimental exhibition ‘Magical Realism: Echoes of Talat Phlu’, where the daily sounds in the district, like the Chinese lion dance, Kratua thaeng sua traditional play, whooshing trains, etc., create intriguing performance art. Lastly, for the foodies out there, Talat Phlu has it covered. With ‘Magical Realism: Talat Phlu Street Foods’, bringing the district signature food and reforming it to be more fitted with the new generation’s lifestyles.Community support continues with “Nice” PeoplePreserving the district’s original cultural assets and driving its economy is an important goal that SC Asset intends to support in the area around the residential property. So that the new residents would have a chance to experience the well-kept nostalgic charms and histories of the district without letting them disappear through time. That’s why each program is focused on the participation of people of all ages. And with a little gimmick, using the familiar Wongwian Yai – Talat Phlu mini-truck to transport visitors around the venues. This introduced new ideas with a mix of familiar history in the district setting, as an example of utilizing creative design as tools to guide the growth of urban‘NICE’zation where everyone is a participant.–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

Expand the endless creativity in ‘Waste Is More’ style

Expand the endless creativity in ‘Waste Is More’ styleCreate values and try out every possibility of the so-called ‘waste’MORE Transforms Waste Into Substitute Materials Through CreativityTransforming industrial and agricultural waste into substitute materials helps with both environmental and economic issues to some degree. It helps reduce production costs and consumption waste and also stimulates a circular economy. The key to positive change is the promotion of research sectors and the development of creativity, technology, and innovation.MORE is a group of thinkers who began to study and develop solutions for waste and garbage management. Kickoff is 2022,  they started by studying waste from a coffee roasting factory and turning them into furniture and home decoration items. After they have been studying the potential of those materials and getting ready for the project, it is time to launch their brand. For the first time in this Bangkok Design Week 2023, ‘MORE’ and their huge exhibition invites people to think about the sustainable future and realize the actual infinite, yet barely acknowledged, worth of the waste.MORE’s “WASTE IS MORE” Exhibition demonstrates the ideas of creating a sustainable environment and society with three core principles, namely – sustainability, innovation, and creativity. MORE invited over eight groups of artists to work in this year’s Bangkok Design Week 2023 based on their expertise and diverse interests. The challenge is to study and design substitute materials from the eight types of domestic everyday waste like bottle caps, eggshells, milk cartons, agriculture waste such as sugarcane leaves, or waste from big industries such as coffee chaff, excesses from the weaving process, and PVC edging tapes for furniture.Each group of designers receives different kinds of materials to work with:o-d-a; a locally and internationally renowned studio specializing in woodwork (working with “sawdust”)NUTRE JEWELLER; accessory designer with more than 15 years of experience (working with “bottle caps”)kitt.ta.khon; a furniture brand specializing in rattan handicraft (working with “coffee chaff”)Mitr. ;  designers whose passion is in finding possibilities (working with “milk cartons”) TAKORN TEXTILE STUDIO; professors and creators of textiles (working with “excesses from weaving”)Designed; a design studio full of furniture and graphic designers (working with “PVC edging tapes”)Spirulina Society; an eco-friendly home decoration brand specializing in 3D printing (working with “eggshells”)Designers from the brand MORE and material researchers (working with “sugarcane leaves”)Apart from creating new and eye-opening pieces, the MORE exhibition also holds workshops and activities for exchanging business opportunities where teams of researchers, designers, and specialists all gather and challenge people to initiate endless possibilities with the waste.The eco-friendly city is not a one-man job but a continuous work towards long-term change. The collaboration between creators in various fields brings about developer communities, which are the main driving forces of urban‘NICE’zation and urban life quality improvement. Not only that the city is eco-friendly, but we can also find creative ideas for urban development that aims towards communities, cultures and overall businesses.MORE and Bangkok Design Week 2023 is the beginning of sharing, exchanging, passing on ideas and building collaboration among initiators of the new generation so that they can see potential changes and participate in the process of change. If you are interested in expanding your views on urban possibilities, see you at Bangkok Design Week 2023.–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

centralwOrld citizens, the limitless world

centralwOrld citizens, the limitless worldcentralwOrld ’s brand character ideas have been used to create the colorful, eye-catching characters of ‘centralwOrld citizens’ artspace located in front of the Grand Postal Building, one of Bangkok Design Week’s main venues. The designers have created 26 playful and friendly characters, illustrated based on the English alphabet A-Z. Each character is also presented with meaningful messages to inspire and invite visitors to find out which character they are, For example : A – Achiever: I’m full of can-do attitudes and always on the move. B – Believer: Confidence is a beautiful thing you can possess! C – Creative: You can create new things with a different perspective. The 26 characters have their own stories, resonate with a “NICE for diversity” idea and wish to communicate the ‘inclusivity’ notion, where centralwOrld department store is open to be a space for people from many backgrounds, of any race, culture, age, gender, and preference. The art space at the Grand Postal Building is not the only place visitors can see the creations, the courtyard in front of centralwOrld is also adorned with colorful creations inspired by the same concept. So, don’t be surprised if you stop by and see familiar art. Together We Urban’NICE’ for DiversityHaving diversity and liveliness in people is like adding color to the world. Even though not everyone likes and has different needs, everyone can cohabit happily together by adjusting and supporting each other. Central Pattana believes in the power of collaboration of people from different backgrounds who bring out their strengths and potential and better society, leading it towards greater things and sustainably growing together. Acquiring experiences through years of developing department store, residential, hotel, and office spaces, Central Pattana recognizes the importance and focuses on designs that serve everyone’s needs. And also wishes that designs in Thailand, consider a more diverse group of people, whether they are regular, senior, or with disabilities to reduce obstacles in terms of usability and focus on designs that bring about a quality of life more equal for everyone.–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

Learning The Art of Growing Along With the Present Time of the “Kilane” Brand

Learning The Art of Growing Along With the Present Time of the “Kilane” Brandby portraying the original identity through the “Can Look, Can Drink” exhibition.Welcome everyone on board to this new journey of the original Thai-Chinese Herb“Kilane Brand”, Thai’s renowned and trusted original herbal medicine, launched a Kilane Crimson Garden exhibition in collaboration with Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Yoon) globally-known Thai artist who contributed her art into “Kilane Brand” rebranding for the first time in 132 years. The long-inherited Kilane’s identity is portrayed through modern-vintage art with a blend of the old Chinese and Thai identities. Hong Sieng Kong, the contemporary cafe in Talat Noi, is decorated with the essence flowers that symbolize the original herbal medicine such as Kilane, Botan (Peony) and others–turning it into a garden of the robust crimson herbs that invite people to indulge their senses in. In this exhibition, all products under the Kilane brand’s image have been rebranded. A new logo has been introduced for the first time and the packaging designs of all the products – Botan, Kritsanaklan, Yathad 4, Utaitip and Tamjai–have been redesigned to better communicate the brand’s transformation along with the present time while preserving and improving its authentic herbal remedy. The rebrand also creates an impression on the art of well-being, both the body and the mind, with the herbal medicines to the new generation so that they can retain inner optimism and pass it on to others.Experience through all the senses, not just the visualThis exhibition portrays the beauty derived from the modern-vintage art style of Thai-Chinese cultures and renewed creativity through the decoration of the Kilane statue with huge flowers embedded in it. The logo and the animated Kilane are projected on the installation through the projection mapping technique. Not only the visual representation but a tasting experience design is employed in this exhibition as well to portray the very common life of eating too.  A catering zone in the exhibition, special recipes of drinks and desserts will be created and provided by the talented chef, Jessica Wang and the main artist, Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Yoon). These special drinks and desserts are inspired by the products under the Kilane brand, and some use products such as Botan and Utaitip as ingredients. They aspire to deliver the taste of herbal blends through contemporary drinks and sweets and infuse herbal medicine into the core of people’s health. Infinite changes and improvements are the keys to infinite creation. The city that is full of potential changes is the city full of creativity. Kilane Crimson Garden is an exhibition that allows us to indulge our full five senses into a new taste of health and well-being and, hopefully, help spread the creative power to people. Looking for a new taste of health and a profound journey down the Thai traditional brand of herbal medicine? Bangkok Design Week 2023 is for you.–Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation

CASETiFY : Portable creative pieces

CASETiFY : Portable creative pieces10 Artists Collection on 10 Districts where Bangkok Design Week 2023 is heldCASETiFY x BKKDW2023 invited 10 popular Thai artists to unleash their creativity on blank phone cases that were inspired by the theme urban‘NICE’zation and charms telling stories of 10 Bangkok districts where BKKDW programs are showing. The space on the back of the case is like a blank canvas for art, providing an open space to color and express themselves freely. The artists are excited to interpret each district in their style, to create memorabilia for Bangkok Design Week 2023, and to put their works on the extension organ of a human called a mobile phone which people carry around as an extension to their hands, and allow everyone to tell the stories of each district while with the phone case.The 10 phone case art pieces include:1. Charoenkrung – Talat Noi was designed by  Juli Baker and Summer who used bright colours and fun illustrations, showing the role of the district that makes art and design more accessible, and friendly which exists all around us.2. Yaowarat – designed by Payanchana, who used the letters of the word YAOWARAT to create 8 different characters that present the unique charms of the district.3. Nang Loeng – design by  Natthaphorn, inspired by the nostalgic feel of location like Nang Loeng Racecourse, blending the stories of community architecture with the pink-white signature colours of the old structure in the city4. Ari-Pradipat was designed by Eaowen, regarding people as the charms of Ari – Pradipat, so the artist depicted minimal character illustrations of people joining the districts for various activities with an interesting story.5. Phra Nakhon – designed by Nakrob Moonmanas, the collage artist brings various stories with a nostalgic feel and important landmarks of the district and depicts them in the artist’s signature style.6. Phrom Phong designed by Kanith uses bright colors and lively illustrations to represent the vibrant economic hub district that is filled with multi-culture and pop culture. 7. Wongwian Yai – Talat Phlu was designed by Jiranarong, the foodie artist who chose the signature foods of the district like chive cake, noodles, and frozen egg ice cream, and fused them into white bear character inspired by the coconut ice cream. The gimmick of the case is you can take off the case and set the bear down to take photos.8. Bang Pho design by Pnk.ff, inspired by the visit to the Wood street and activities of carpenters in the district have been illustrated through the artist-style playful colorful characters 9. Pak Khlong Talat – designed by Faan Peeti, the respectful fresh flower market is represented through vintage pastel-coloured flower illustrations, reflecting the district’s history as Thailand’s flower market.10. Siam – Samyan designed by Prang Vipaluk, choosing to illustrate elements that represent the interests and preferences of young generations, reflecting the image of Siam – the Samyan district which attracts people with various interestThe Brand that believes in expressing identity through designsCASETiFY is a world-class lifestyle brand of electronics supplies, brimming with creative DNA. As the brand’s founder and CEO, Wesley Ng used to work as a designer, so he recognizes the importance of supporting the creative community and the design-centered ideas that drive the company. This thought aligned with Bangkok Design Week; both agree and see the opportunity to support creatives and add more value to the creative industry. It also provides the space for new-generation creatives in Thailand to collaborate with a world-class brand, which is an opportunity to reach wider audiences. When art is on the phone case, it creates more accessibility for general people to own a piece of art and allows the artist to become part of the people’s everyday life. Additionally, it could inspire people to get out of the mundane and express themselves in new ways through the items of their choice. Drop by at CASETiFY Pop-Up Store at centralwOrld department store to check out the exhibition from the 10 artists and pick up the right case for you in-store or online at––Bangkok Design Week 2023urban‘NICE’zationเมือง-มิตร-ดี4 – 12 FEB 2023#BKKDW2023#BangkokDesignWeek#urbanNICEzation