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Create a Space For Creative Thinking City With Seatscape & Beyond

เผยแพร่เมื่อ a year ago

Create a Space For Creative Thinking City With Seatscape & Beyond

Do you know that urbanites’ common act of sitting can transform public space and make it more creative with useful purposes? ONE Bangkok, a real estate development project of the future, prioritizes urban development with its aim to create a city that is ‘NICE’ to society, economy, and people by making their lives more convenient. This year ONE Bangkok decides to promote a huge project that encourages and helps thinkers and innovators to collaborate on the creation process of public space by transforming typical seats into public facilities with various uses. That is how the project One Bangkok Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond” is launched.

A Competition That Takes Creative Ideas Further; Creating Decent Public Space For The People

One Bangkok Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond” is the collaboration between One Bangkok and THINKK Studio under the support of ‘EISA’ (Education Institute Support Activity) by Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (“ThaiBev”) and Amarin Printing & Publishing Public Company for new generations innovators from more than 23 educational institutes to burst out their creativity for the city. The competitors get to consult experienced designers such as THINKK and STUDIO150 to design and innovate furniture with updated tools and technology. The aim is to encourage people living in the city to enjoy their sitting and create more public spaces. The final 10 teams, chosen from more than 247 teams, are to turn their furniture prototypes and ideas crafted from alternative materials into a real installation for people to experience the “new experience of sitting in seating” in One Bangkok project area.

How to Think? How to Sit?

In Bangkok Design Week 2023, One Bangkok presents two main activities. The first one is an exhibition portraying the final 10 teams and THINKK Studio’s working processes on furniture designs–from sketches, models, sample materials, and short documentaries filming their 5 monthly long workshops. The second one is the competition winners and special prize winners announcement from the 10 final teams. Moreover, a talk on urban development and public space will also be held by One Bangkok’s vice president and manager of art and culture, Charinthip Chumuenwai, who is going to share her views on the topic as well as THINKK Studio founders, Decha Archjananun and Ploypan Theerachai, who are going to share know-hows from their working experiences.

One prime highlight of this exhibition is the public sets of furniture from the One Bangkok project which will be located in front of the Grand Postal Office Building. THINKK Studio’s intention was to reinterpret the common four sitting behaviors and create them into new installations. The four sitting behaviors are 1. Sit to Linger–to sit and relax in your trains of thought 2. Sit to Gather–to sit together and gather as a community 3. Sit to Play–to sit and do activities and 4. Sit to Transfer–to sit during the intervals of the day. These installations invite people to enjoy the design week, find new sitting experiences, and contemplate life’s meaning in the relaxing public seating with decent and quality designs.

Public spaces are the heart of Urban ‘NICE’ zation

Improving and expanding public spaces in the city is an important factor in building a city that is ‘NICE’ to the people. Inspiring new ideas and encouraging aspiration for creators is also a key factor that could potentially develop city areas and utilize it for society and cultures. It would be even better if the designers’ network shared the same goals and dreams to drive the sustainable urban ‘NICE’ zation for future residents.

For those who are interested in exploring creative ideas to open up new possibilities in (re)building sustainable Bangkok, make sure you do not miss Bangkok Design Week 2023 held this 4-12 February!

Bangkok Design Week 2023



4 – 12 FEB 2023