Expanding the opportunities and possibilities in a collaboration with various co

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Expanding the opportunities and possibilities in a collaboration with various countries

Apart from the over 500 programs by Thai creatives scattered all around Bangkok during Bangkok Design Week 2023, there are also ‘Nice’ international allies from 14 different countries, such as Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France, England, Russia, New Zealand, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and India. Taking us on an international level and enjoying the exchanges from different cultural points of view and design ideas.

There are over 20 programs from international creatives, like a showcase from Moscow Creative Tech Highlights from Russia – exhibiting innovative technology of the future at TCDC, and talks open for exchanges of different case studies from around the world on urban’NICE’zation in multi-dimensions to lead Thailand forward in urban’NICE’zation while keeping better quality of life, environment, and economy in mind. 

There are also fun programs filled with workshops, performances, a creative design market from, as well as cultural walking tour – exploring Thai food in Hua Lumphong district hosted by RTUS Thai-European Youth Forum on Urban Community Development under the support of the Goethe-Institut. Another interesting event is หมู่ฮ้องหา… (Friends Call) at SUPH Art Space held by a group of international artists from countries like England France Germany Indonesia and India.

Bangkok Design Week 2023 is conceived as a platform for design ideas exchanges for many countries, which lead to inspiration and new creative works in the future. A sustainable urban’NICE’zation requires collaboration with creatives and support from many sectors, not only domestic but also regional and global supports where we can exchange knowledge and experiences to explore ideas. An urge to question the future of life’s quality starts with  having ‘Nice’ ally to urban’NICE’ together, not only in Bangkok but everywhere in the world. 

Bangkok Design Week 2023



4 – 12 FEB 2023