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CITY HAPPENINGS This interactive public art installation project designs new experiences with creative technologies to enhance the city and let urbanites spend time together. All 4 works will be installed in public areas, whether it be an open courtyard, a park, a wall, or even on public transportation, consisting of “a light (right) to speak ver.03,” “An Interactive (bond) fire,” “An Interactive graffiti wall,” and AR bumper stickers (“AR คำคมท้ายรถ”). CITY HAPPENINGS is a project showcasing interactive public art installations meant to create public engagement and community gathering. The project is a collaboration between HOCT (House of Creative Technology), a presentation space for new possibilities in creative technology and digital arts, and 27JUNE Studio, a design studio that specializes in creative technology experiences. This project aims to expand the role of creative technology beyond the entertainment industry and offer exciting new experiences in the city that encourage people to spend time together. All four installations will be inserted into public areas, whether it’s an open courtyard, a park, a wall, or even on public transportation. 1. “A light (right) to speak ver.03” invites everyone to color the city with light and sound using their own voice and in their own words. This work was inspired by playground sound tubes, giving everyone the chance to try trumpet-shaped microphones. When they pick up sound, string lights will light up as sound is transmitted down the length of the strings, depending on how loud you speak into the sound tubes, so everyone can literally make the city brighter with their voice. 2. “An Interactive (bond) fire” invites people in the city to create a light and sound experience through hand-to-hand interaction. A person on either end can reach to touch two conductive pads, completing the circuit and activating the installation’s lights and sounds. Note: A conductive pad can complete a circuit when there is a conductive object (in this case, a person) connecting the two pads. 3. “An Interactive graffiti wall” is an empty wall space that can be filled by the imagination of people in the city. Anyone can use an interactive spray can (not a real spray can) to draw on the projected wall, which relies on a Projection Mapping Technique. What is drawn is real-time graphics being projected on the wall. There is also a paint roller to remove unwanted or inappropriate text or images. 4. “AR bumper stickers” sends messages to everyone in the city by scanning a QR code placed on the car. Its message can be adjusted according to the date, time, location or other parameters in real-time, meaning that a different message will appear every time it’s scanned. In addition, people can share their own messages with the system to be selected and displayed on AR bumper stickers, giving people another way to share ideas, messages and words of encouragement to other people in the city.
  • Pawimol Samsen
  • Chayanon Tocharoen